The Editorial Committee of the Ghana School of Law Students’ Representative Council (SRC), is a student-run body whose primary purpose is to publish a Journal of legal scholarship annually in accordance with Article 73 of the SRC Constitution. Accordingly, student editors make all editorial decisions of the Committee and, together with the Executive Council of the SRC, carry out day-to-day operations regarding editorial work. The Editorial Committee comprises members from all Ghana School of Law campuses.     

It is envisaged that the Journal published by the Committee will be an effective research tool for practicing lawyers and students, and will provide opportunities for students to hone their editorial and writing skills. The Journal is published annually. The Journal publishes articles, essays, and book reviews from contributors like academics, judges, and legal practitioners — alongside pieces by law students in Ghana and globally, including notes and commentary on recent cases, legislation, and other legal developments. All submissions undergo a rigorous editorial process for approval before they are eventually published in the Journal. Authors interested in publishing in the Journal are invited to submit manuscripts for consideration.

Ms. Joyann Obeng


The members of the 2023 editorial team are as follows:


Abena Awuku-Larbi

Abena Awuku-Larbi is a lawyer who specializes in oil and gas law, energy management, and gender. Alongside legal work, she coordinates several nonprofit projects on gender and inclusion. A poet, her work has appeared in Lolwe, the Writers' Project Journal, and the Contemporary Ghanaian Writers' Series.

Shafic Osman
Juliet Buntuguh

Juliet Buntuguh was Editor-In-Chief for the 7th Edition of the Ghana School of Law Student Journal. Currently a pupil at Crown Legal Bureau, she ardently pursues her passion for environmental law. Juliet was awarded the "Best Student in Legal Drafting and Conveyancing" during her graduation from the Ghana School of Law in 2022.